Traditional Pale Ale

New England Brewing Co.

Pale Ales represent perhaps the most ubiquitous category amongst Indie beers, and lead as flagship beers for many breweries.  While there are many subcategories and styles within the overarching world of Pale Ales, beers labelled simply as Pale Ale work to represent thoughtful balance of flavour, alcohol strength (in Australia generally 4.0 – 5.2%), approachability, drinkability and price.

Traditional Pale Ales fall on the milder end of the flavour spectrum, with a considered balance of hops, malt and yeast.  They range in colour from straw through to amber depending on the malts used, and may be clear to slightly hazy in appearance with low to moderate bitterness. Not seeking to blow your socks off, these types of beers are brewed for pure simple enjoyment. 

They tend to have more flavour than basic lagers but remain similar in their easy-going approach.

Words & Styles to Look For: Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Kolsch Style Ale.

Modern Pale Ale
Traditional Pale Ale
Juicy-Hazy Pale Ale
Modern India Pale Ale (IPA)
Traditional India Pale Ale (IPA)
Non-Alcoholic Beer
Reduced/Low Alcohol Beer
British & European Style
Sour, Funk & Fruity
Strong, Wood & Barrel-Aged
Amber-Dark Beer
We acknowledge the traditional Aboriginal custodians of country throughout Australia, and their ongoing connection to the land and waters. We pay our respects to their culture and Elders past, present and future