Juicy-Hazy Pale Ale

Range Brewing

As brewers and drinkers alike pushed for ever more hop intensity and flavour, the world of Juicy-Hazy Pale Ales emerged, balancing bold hoppiness with drinkability through an expert touch.

While intensely hoppy in aroma and flavour (which are usually tropical and fruity) these beers are generally low in bitterness, and range in appearance from having a mild haze to being completely opaque.  They also commonly employ grains such as oats and wheat to give the beer a soft silky mouthfeel and often have slightly higher alcohol compared to other Pale Ales (4.8 – 5.8% ABV).

Fruity, tropical, flavoursome and moreish, Juicy-Hazy Pale Ales have found a box seat in the indie beer scene for flavour chasers, and the haze craze is sure to continue to excite for years to come.

Words & Styles to Look For: Hazy Pale Ale, Juicy Pale Ale, DDH Pale Ale.

Modern Pale Ale
Traditional Pale Ale
Juicy-Hazy Pale Ale
Modern India Pale Ale (IPA)
Traditional India Pale Ale (IPA)
Non-Alcoholic Beer
Reduced/Low Alcohol Beer
British & European Style
Sour, Funk & Fruity
Strong, Wood & Barrel-Aged
Amber-Dark Beer
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