Sour, Funk & Fruity

Wildflower Brewing

This is where the beer world gets really exciting for anyone who’s ever thought ‘all beer tastes the same’ and is one particular area where Indie beer really shines.  While malt and hops drive flavour in most beer styles a whole other realm of flavour possibilities are opened to brewers through the use of unique micro-organisms and fruit which can completely turn your idea of beer, on its head.

Beers with fruit start this journey and can add sweetness of aroma and flavour when combined or incorporated within existing beer styles.

Add to this acidity (usually provided by specialty bacteria) and a world of tartness and zing opens up and can start to reflect towards more white wine and sparkling wine like character.

Further still, other micro organisms can be used to delve into funky territory with flavours as diverse as leather, barnyard and inky/iodine.

Have a chat with your local indie tap-room, bar or bottle shop and they will definitely help you try something new and exciting, be it a subtle fruity American Style Fruit Beer through to a complex Belgian Style Gueuze.

Words & Styles to Look For: Fruit, Fruit Wheat Beer, Sour, Gose, Lambic, Gueuze, Brett, Brettanomyces, Mixed-Culture, Wild Ale, Open Ferment.

Modern Pale Ale
Traditional Pale Ale
Juicy-Hazy Pale Ale
Modern India Pale Ale (IPA)
Traditional India Pale Ale (IPA)
Non-Alcoholic Beer
Reduced/Low Alcohol Beer
British & European Style
Sour, Funk & Fruity
Strong, Wood & Barrel-Aged
Amber-Dark Beer
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