Beer Fans

The rapid growth of the independent craft beer scene in Australia is largely due to the growing army of beer lovers seeking out a wider variety of styles than was previously offered by corporate/mainstream breweries.

As more independent breweries license the seal for use on their packaging, and venues and bottle shops display Point of Sale to help, beer fans will be able to identify independent breweries more quickly and easily than ever before.  

You can help us spread the word by doing any (or all!) of the following:

  • BUY SOME of our official merchandise and fly the flag for independent craft beer in Australia
  • Ask For Indie Beer at every bar, bottle shop, restaurant and pub you visit. Even if you know you stouts from your sours, asking the staff members and managers for independent beers confirms to them that their is a demand. If we don't ask, how are they to know?
  • when enjoying indie beers, share your photos on social media with #askforindiebeer and join the online conversation